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Ritatkala Cafe: Brunch Cafe In Bali Where You Can Sip Tea While Admiring Misty Mount Batur

Ritatkala Cafe in Bali

For holiday-goers tired of getting sunburnt on Bali’s popular beaches, a sunrise hike up to the volcanic peak of Mount Batur usually provides an excellent antidote. The cooler weather is a nice change of pace from the usual searing heat and the new establishments popping up on the side of the road, such as Ritatkala Cafe, offers a nice place to recharge after your hike.

With artisanal teas to accompany you and a gorgeous view of the misty Mount Batur as your backdrop, we’re certain you won’t regret the decision to head inland away from Bali’s stunning beaches.

Prime mountain-viewing spot in Kintamani

ritatkala cafe bali - view
This stunning vista of Mount Batur and its surroundings is visible on a clear day
Image credit: @graceoktawati

Situated by the side of the main Kintamani Road, Ritatkala’s main calling card is the outdoor seating area and its dramatic view. Thanks to the valley that separates Ritatkala and Mount Batur’s peak, visitors get to witness the volcano in all its glory, weather permitting of course.

ritatkala cafe bali - interior
Thanks to the huge windows, you can still take in the gorgeous views and natural light from the indoor seats
Image credit: @okidibali

The lack of parasols to shield you from the sun, which can get pretty intense in this part of the world, is noticeable but you could always duck inside and cool off if you want to. Plus, as long as you can score one of the window seats, you can still admire the view from under the roof.

ritatkala cafe bali - table
Fog regularly blankets the area, which adds a certain mystique to the ambiance
Image credit: @abiiyooga_

Because of its gorgeous views, any time when the sun is still up is the best time to visit but the fog that often covers the area around noon does add a certain charm to the place. It’s no wonder then that Ritatkala has become a popular spot for weekend brunches.

Now, while the view is understandably the main attraction here, Ritatkala avoids the pitfalls of typical tourist traps thanks to their solid F&B offerings.

A mix of Asian and Western menu items with something for everyone

ritatkala cafe bali - dishes
A feast of Tuna Steak and Spaghetti Carbonara

Image credit: @irish.thorn

The menu goes for quality over quality as while it’s currently a bit limited, what’s there is actually pretty good. It’s divided pretty evenly between Asian and Western cuisines with Manadonese Ayam Woku (Rp. 45,000, ~USD3.13), or chicken with spicy yellow sauce, sitting next to various pasta dishes.

ritatkala cafe bali - food
For desserts, we recommend the Apple Pie and the Banana and Nutella Crepe
Image credit: @bitesinaday

We’re more partial to their pastries and desserts though, especially their Apple Pie (Rp. 30,000, ~USD2.08), served à la mode just the way it should be.

ritatkala cafe bali - latte art
For coffee aficionados, Ritatkala’s baristas make some pretty mean latte art
Image credit: @bibikdanjuraganpunyaproject

If you’re dropping by for some afternoon teas, we highly recommend ordering a pot of their artisanal teas. The Ritatkala Tea (Rp. 40,000, ~USD2.78), a fragrant mix of ginger, apple, and lemongrass can be quite nourishing and ginger is known to have additional health benefits as well.

Ritatkala Cafe is an ideal resting point after your exploration of Mount Batur

The lively beach club scene might be what the island is most known for but there’s much love around the less-traveled Mount Batur area. With Lake Bratan and its gorgeous lakeside Bali temple on one side and the volcano itself on the other, Ritatkala Cafe provides the perfect pit stop for travelers looking to explore more of the region’s beauty.

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