Indonesian sustainable skincare and bodycare brands

Eco-friendly living is all the rage these days, and for a good reason: people are getting more aware about how their lifestyle impacts the environment. As a result, more Indonesians are constantly on the lookout for sustainable products, including skincare and bodycare brands.

Luckily, local sustainable Indonesian skincare and bodycare brands are enjoying a rise in popularity, and here are some that you can use to pamper yourself.

1. Segara Naturals – refreshing shampoo bar that lasts longer

blue ocean shampoo bar by segara naturals
Blue Ocean Shampoo Bar (Rp. 80,000, ~USD5.71)
Image credit: @segaranaturals

Eco-friendly shampoo bars are increasingly popular thanks to their easy application and longevity, and Segara Naturals’ Blue Ocean Shampoo Bar will fit the bill if your mane needs plenty of shampooing.

The 50-gram zero-waste shampoo bar can last three to four months and is very easy to apply – rub it against your wet hair until foam comes out, and you’re good to go. The shampoo gets rid of excess oil without stripping your scalp dry, making it feel fresh and itch-free, with an ocean breeze scent.

It comes in tin packaging, and for subsequent uses, you can order biodegradable paper packaging refills too.

deodourme by segara naturals
DeoDourme solid deodorant (Rp. 90,000, ~USD6.42)
Image credit: @segaranaturals

In addition, the brand also has DeoDourme solid deodorant, which contains all-natural ingredients such as shea butter, castor oil, and essential oil that will keep away unpleasant odors without leaving any mark.

Like the shampoo bar, the solid deodorant comes in tin packaging with refills available in biodegradable paper packaging.

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2. Demi Bumi – coffee-scented soap for kopiholics

sabun kopi by demi bumi
Sabun Kopi (Rp. 60,000, ~USD4.28)
Image credit:

Coffee lovers will feel right at home with DemiBumi’s Sabun Kopi with its strong coffee scent. The soap is made using coffee dregs obtained from various coffee shops in Jakarta, promoting a sustainable lifestyle by ensuring that the dregs will not go to waste.

The soap comes in biodegradable paper packaging, containing an illustration of how coffee dregs can be upcycled into usable products.

sabun-sampo lerak by demi bumi
Shampoo and soap combo bar (Rp. 60,000, ~USD4.28)

They also have Shampoo & Sabun Lerak, a shampoo and soap combo bar made from lerak, or soap nuts, and coconut oil. The 60-gram combo bar will save you time and money as you can get your hair and skin clean with this one single product.

The bar contains no allergens, and is especially suitable for sensitive skin.

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3. Jinawi – soapless facial cleanser for sensitive skin

bare face cleanser by jinawi
Bare Face Cleanser (Rp. 59,000, ~USD4.20)
Image credit: Jinawi

Those with sensitive skin often struggle with the abundance of harsh chemicals often found in skincare products, but Jinawi’s Bare Face Cleanser is here to provide a milder alternative –  with no soap nor alcohol, it instead is made from natural ingredients such as kaolin clay, flower water, and lavender.

The facial cleanser, which comes in recyclable tin packaging, is also very easy to use – put a pinch of the cleanser on your palm, dilute it with a bit of water, and apply to your face. Let it stay for two minutes, and then rinse with water.

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4. Stoneroot Essentials – palm oil-free soap bars

raspberry natural soap bar by stoneroot essentials
Raspberry Sorbet Natural Soap (Rp. 50,000, ~USD3.56)
Image credit: @stoneroot.essentials

More and more people are concerned about the use of palm oil in everyday products, including bodycare, due to its role in damaging the environment and worsening air pollution. Fortunately, Stoneroot Essentials presents an alternative in the form of Raspberry Sorbet Natural Soap, which prides itself on being sulphate- and palm oil-free.

The 100-gram soap, enriched with French pink clay and Himalayan pink salt, contains glycerin, which is especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin, and has a soft raspberry and vanilla scent.

ocean breeze soap by stoneroot essentials
Ocean Breeze Natural Soap Bar (Rp. 50,000, ~USD3.56)
Image credit: @stoneroot.essentials

Another of their flagship products is the Ocean Breeze Natural Soap Bar, adorned with a design inspired by beautiful Indonesian beaches and containing bentonite clay and coffee powder to exfoliate your skin better. It has a soft scent of eucalyptus, spearmint, and ocean and, like the Raspberry Sorbet Natural Soap, contains no sulphate and palm oil.

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5. Studio Sabun – soap hampers for any occasion

soap hampers by studio sabun
Handmade soaps in individual boxes (Rp. 52,000, ~USD3.70)
Image credit: @studiosabun

Skincare and bodycare products make for great gift ideas for people of any age, and Studio Sabun knows how to put a memorable present together.

The brand has soap hampers for any occasion – be it birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays, so you can step up your gift game by sending your loved one a beautifully packaged soap hamper in recyclable carton packaging. A note with a customizable message is also included in the package.

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6. Adara Natural Bodysoap – guilt-free liquid soap

charcoal liquid soap by adara
Adara Natural Handmade Bodysoap – Tea Tree & Lavender (Rp. 80,000, ~USD5.69)
Image credit: @adarabodysoap

Adara Natural Bodysoap is another brand that gets the importance of sustainability through their palm oil-free, paraben-free, and vegan Natural Handmade Bodysoap. It comes in 250-ml liquid form, catering especially to those who prefer liquid soap to get a good clean.

The soap contains activated bamboo charcoal, which has been proven to help get rid of toxins and microparticles, and tamanu oil, which helps treat a variety of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

handmade ointment by adara
Homemade Calendula Salve with Lavender Oil (Rp. 150,000, ~USD10.67)
Image credit: @adarabodysoap

Another of their most popular products is the Homemade Calendula Salve with Lavender Oil, a skin ointment made using natural and organic ingredients such as calendula flowers, lavender essential oil, and unrefined beeswax. Its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties can help treat conditions such as insect bites, scratches, and rashes.

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7. Good Rituals – eco-friendly hampers that smell good for CNY

cny hamper by good rituals
CNY Hamper (Rp. 280,000, ~USD19.88)
Image credit:

This Chinese New Year is another holiday you will have to celebrate from a distance, but Good Rituals is ready to help you send your love in a unique way thanks to their CNY Hamper.

The hamper includes their handmade Spring Poetry liquid soap, hand sanitizer spray, and French Pear Scented Soy Candle, all packaged in a recyclable carton box you can always keep for future use.

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8. Republic of Soap – cruelty-free body care products for men

bigassbrick by republic of soap
Bigassbrick Coffee Break (Rp. 145,000, ~USD10.32)
Image credit: @republicofsoap

There are plenty of sustainable and natural skincare and bodycare products on the market, but very few cater to men – and Republic of Soap is here to fill the gap.

Their Bigassbrick series consists of huge 300-gram soap bars aimed at men looking for a refreshing shower after a long, hard day of work, and the Coffee Break variety is the most popular in the series. It is made using cold brew coffee dregs upcycled from medium ground arabica and robusta coffee beans, bringing a strong and energizing scent into your shower.

The soap bar comes in eco-friendly carton box packaging, so you don’t have to worry about tossing away unrecyclable trash while using this beast of a soap bar.

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Sustainable skincare and bodycare products available online

It can be hard to maintain a green lifestyle easily during a pandemic, but we can easily order these products online to keep ourselves pampered while staying at home and do our bit in saving the Earth.

What’s more, since they’re all local Indonesian brands, you’ll be playing your part in supporting local businesses – which is one of the best things you can do to help others during this pandemic.

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Cover image adapted from: Jinawi and @segaranaturals

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