Indonesian “pasukan oranye” on Animal Crossing

Almost three months have passed since the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) on Nintendo Switch, and people are still into the game. In fact, they have only become more creative.

We thought that Indonesian ACNHers have more or less exhausted their in-game creativity after creating detailed local-theme designs and organizing adorable virtual Eid celebrations, but the recent emergence of “pasukan Oranye” proves that there’s a lot more where that came from.

Free island maintenance by “pasukan oranye”

Tweet by Boyzu Rabu
Image credit: @boyzu_rabu

On 18th June 2020, Twitter user @boyzu_rabu posted two screenshots of an Instagram page by the name of @pasukanoranye_acnh. Jakarta-based Animal Crossing gamers will immediately recognize the orange suit-donning characters as “pasukan oranye” (orange troops) – Jakarta’s public facilities staff who wear bright orange uniforms.

Pasukan Oranye Animal Crossing New Horizons flyer
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The “orange troops” keep Jakarta clean, but you might wonder why there might be a need for an ACNH version of them. Well, if you’re the type of gamer who hates pulling weeds and watering your many rows of digital flowers, all you need to do is shoot @pasukanoranye_acnh a DM and they’ll help you out for free.

Pasukan oranye group photoImage credit: @pasukanoranye_acnh

This account might seem like it’s all for laughs, but if you’re serious about breeding hybrid flowers on your idyllic Animal Crossing island, getting other gamers to water them could increase their chances of spawning by 80 percent.

The creator of the account is happy he got more requests

Tweet by Wili Azzam
Image credit: @wiliazzam

Pasukan Oranye ACNH’s mastermind, @wiliazzam, replied to the tweet posted by @boyzu_rabu. He was surprised by the sudden influx of notifications and wanted to express his gratitude to @boyzu_rabu for sharing his page.

If you thought Animal Crossing: New Horizons couldn’t get more wholesome, think again.

Use the service and get that five-star island

Whether you just need some weeds to be pulled, flowers to be watered, fossils to be dug, or flowers and trees to be moved for terraforming, you know who to contact. Pasukan Oranye ACNH might be the ones to help you get that five-star island.

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Cover image adapted from: @pasukanoranye_acnh

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