Online shops with Lebaran hampers

With COVID-19 restrictions still in place for this year’s Lebaran or Hari Raya Idulfitri (Eid-ul-Fitr), many are on the lookout for ways to share their love with friends and relatives on the holiday amid the ban on mudik – including by sending hampers.

We’ve compiled a list of online shops that sell Lebaran hampers, ranging from colorful pastries and bread to specialty coffee and healthy juice, to help you share the joy with your loved ones from a distance.

1. Namelaka Refined Patisserie – colorful choux pastries

namelaka refined patisserie
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Lebaran is a day of festivities, so a box of colorful choux pastries makes for a fitting gift to make your loved one’s day on the holiday – especially if they have a sweet tooth.

Namelaka Refined Patisserie’s Lebaran hampers come in a box of nine (Rp. 205,000, ~USD14.13) or 16 (Rp. 300,000, ~USD20.68) choux pastries in numerous flavors, including unique ones such as klepon or sweet rice cake balls with palm sugar and bir pletok or spicy ginger-based drink. They deliver to the Jabodetabek or Greater Jakarta area, and each package includes a greeting card with a message of your choice.

WhatsApp: 0821 2233 6655
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2. Ny. Sagita Catering Service – hearty Lebaran dishes

ny. sagita catering service
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As much as we love a proper Lebaran feast with opor ayam or chicken curry and the whole shebang, it can be very time-consuming to prepare, especially for those who live in busy Greater Jakarta – and this is where Ny. Sagita’s Catering Service comes to the rescue.

For Rp. 500,000 (~USD34.46), you can spare your loved one the time and effort it takes to prepare a holiday feast with a package of hearty Lebaran dishes, including opor ayam, beef rendang, sayur labu siam or spicy chayote stew, and sambal goreng ati ampela or liver and gizzard sambal enough to feed six to seven people.

WhatsApp: 0896 5309 1472

3. Keira – fudgy brownies with various toppings

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While brownies are not among the sweets commonly associated with Lebaran, we can bet no one with a sweet tooth will be able to resist fudgy brownies from Keira. They also deliver outside Jakarta, so you can share the sweetness with your loved ones outside the city.

Their package of brownies, with various toppings such as chocolate chips and cashew, costs Rp. 95,000 (~USD6.55) and includes a greeting card with a message of your choice and a complimentary jar of Lebaran cookies.

WhatsApp: 0822 1199 5693
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4. Arutala Coffee – specialty coffee and chocolate bars

arutala coffee
Arutala Coffee’s Lebaran hamper
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Ramadan is a time where many people stop drinking coffee temporarily to avoid dehydration, and as such it’s very fitting to give specialty coffee as a gift to celebrate the end of the fasting month.

Arutala Coffee’s Lebaran hamper, which can be delivered outside the Greater Jakarta area, consists of locally produced coffee with a grind of your choosing, chocolate bars, and jars of thin cookies for Rp. 239,999 (~USD16.55), and each package includes a greeting card with a personalized message.

WhatsApp: 0851 5662 6068
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5. Oishii Japanese Bakehouse – fluffy Japanese bread

oishii japanese bakehouse
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Another gem for the sweet-toothed, Oishii Japanese Bakehouse’s soft rolls are sure to put a twist on your Lebaran celebration with their various flavors – from traditional Japanese matcha to savoury chicken floss.

The hamper, which costs Rp. 97,000 (~USD6.70), can be delivered to the Greater Jakarta area within a day of order confirmation, and includes a greeting card with a personalized message.

WhatsApp: 0819 1856 2689
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6. Les Celle – Lebaran cookies and mementos

les celle
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Lebaran is simply not complete without kue kering or traditional cookies such as nastar or pineapple tarts and putri salju or icing sugar-coated cookies, and Les Celle promises to make your hamper of cookies more special with additional mementos.

For Rp. 425,000 (~USD29.29), the package includes a wooden vase with artificial and dried flowers and a wooden acrylic frame with a free printed photo of your choice – a sweet way to add a personal touch to your Lebaran hamper – that can be delivered to anywhere in the Greater Jakarta area.

WhatsApp: 0877 8185 1533
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7. Cocotier – Italian pasta and herbs and green tea powder

Image credit: @cocotier_id

A perfect gift for home cooks with a passion for Italian food everywhere, Cocotier’s Lebaran hamper consists of gigli pasta or campanelle with extra virgin olive oil and Italian herbs, as well as green tea powder that comes with a strainer.

The package, which is arranged in a wire basket with a specially embroidered kitchen towel and adorned with dried flowers, costs Rp. 570,000 (~USD39.28) and is available for delivery in the Greater Jakarta area.

WhatsApp: 0813 1431 8028
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8. Jugo Juice – refreshing healthy juice in a box

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A full month of fasting is physically demanding, and there’s no better way to celebrate the end of the month than by quenching one’s thirst. It’s even better when you do so with something healthy such as bottled juices from Jugo Juice.

Their Lebaran hamper, which costs Rp. 209,000 (~USD14.40) consists of a box of four bottled juices – dragonfruit, guava, melon and watermelon – and comes with a greeting card with a message you can personalize as well as a reusable keepsake box and shopping bag.

WhatsApp: 0821 2282 1603
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Online shops with Lebaran hampers

Even though COVID-19 restrictions and the mudik ban have made it difficult for us to share the spirit of Idulfitri with our loved ones, these Lebaran hampers have made it possible for us to send them our love on the holiday from a distance.

They also come in various shapes and sizes, so you can always add an element of surprise to make sure this year’s Lebaran is a memorable one for your loved ones – even from a distance.

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